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Many of my parents came to me with this sense of guilt. Some even felt shame from this. I would ask them what makes you feel like that. I would hear things like, my mother in law makes these comments, My mother says I need to try harder, or some of my friends always have a comment or suggestion.

Immediately I would tell them that it’s completely not your fault. A child is not born with an instruction manual. Nor were we given one the day they were born. As parents we are gifted with the ability to LOVE…and that’s what we do best. We weren’t gifted with the ability to potty train. That is something you learn.

As a matter of fact, I did not become The Potty Trainer overnight. I read thousands of pages of information. I went to countless Parenting seminars. I changed over 56,000 diapers. I personally, with my own two hands, potty trained over 317 children in 10 years as a daycare teacher. Not an easy feat, but I did it.

Educating yourself is the first step in developing a plan for successful potty training. There are thousands of parents out there who do nothing, so congratulations to you for staying with me so far.

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Success Story #1
I was a septic. I am a retired stay at home Dad with a 33 month old son.. I started the program on a Thursday It has been 11 days with only one accident.* He cried big time telling he was sorry. We have been shopping, the park etc. without incident. This was the best money spent as it also gave me the incentive to get it done.

You may use this for endorsement if you wish. In fact I hope you do as this shows Dads can do this to.(results may vary)* *
                                - Thanks, Al Maybury
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