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Well, I can’t speak for other products. But I can certainly say that we’ve held nothing back. In addition we hold regular live calls for our parents. That means you are not alone in the process. We know that potty training is probably the hardest thing you will do with your toddler. Thus we wanted to make sure you have a support line.

Secondly, we’ve just released Potty Training For Busy Parents version 2.0. Yes this is the new course. We started selling our first course back in 2002. That course sold thousands of copies. But that was not enough for me.

Over the last few years we’ve spoken with thousands of our customers. We asked them what problems they were facing with potty training. We asked them what else do they need help with. We asked them what else can we do for them. We asked them what was missing from the course. It was hard work but we did it. And with that blood, sweat and tears…Potty Training For Busy Parents 2.0 was born.

We literally took all the answers we received and revamped an already good product and turned it into an even better product. Re-writing the course took almost a year. And we are very proud of it. The feedback so far has been nothing short of fantastic.

Let me share my 15 years of experience. Let me go through this journey with you. Let me be your potty training partner.



Success Story #1
 was a septic. I am a retired stay at home Dad with a 33 month old son.. I started the program on a Thursday It has been 11 days with only one accident.* He cried big time telling he was sorry. We have been shopping, the park etc. without incident. This was the best money spent as it also gave me the incentive to get it done.

You may use this for endorsement if you wish. In fact I hope you do as this shows Dads can do this to.(results may vary)**
                                - Thanks, Al Maybury
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