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 How Much Will It Cost For You To Be My Potty Training Partner And Help Me Potty Train My Child


You are only 90 seconds away from learning how an expert potty trained over 317 children.

I know you are thinking it must be expensive to get the same results as the people listed above. Heck, many parents have offered to pay me $500 to come train their child at their house.

I am not going to charge you anywhere near that. I am not even going to charge you the same $47 that some other training books are selling for.

In fact, your measly investment today is $17

That's right...For only $17 you will get my exact method for potty training that has been used for 15 years

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Please note your results may vary from the testimonials on this site. Although each testimonial is honest and come from one of our satisfied customers, you may not get the same results. Depending on your child, your situation and your schedule�in some cases it may take longer than three days to potty train your child. 
If you are still undecided let me give you these free bonuses to help you decide
 Follow up refresher course. I will hold a live teleconference in a few weeks so you can have the opportunity to ask me some questions after going through the book. It�s like having me right over your shoulder guiding you by the hand.
 Potty Training Questions and Answers guide. Remember I asked over 1000 parents just like you what were the biggest problems they faced in potty training and what were the top three questions they wanted answers to. The results turned out to be a potty training Questions and Answers guide of the problems that other parents in your exact same situation are facing today.

We took the top most commonly asked questions and answered them. You will learn from the frustrations of real people like you. You will see the exact answers I gave them and the step by step directions I told them to follow. It is impossible to put a value on this guide. No one anywhere has this guide. You cannot get it anywhere else except here with your download of Potty Training For Busy Parents.


Let�s Look At Everything You Are Getting Today

Not only will you learn how to potty train your son or daughter, you will save money on diapers*. You also get over $300 in FREE Bonuses. Don�t forget the Potty Training FAQ guide that we cannot put a value on.

My Money Back Guarantee

My course is Fantastic, but not perfect. Not many people would be willing to admit that to you, but I want to start our relationship on the right foot. We have about a 98% satisfaction rate with our customers. That means 98 out of every 100 families we help are happy with the results. Keep in mind each child including yours is different. And if by rare chance your child happens to fall into the 2% that it does not work for, then let me buy the course back from you. Your investment is protected by my amazing money back guarantee.

My guarantee is simple. I want you to purchase the course completely at my risk. Read through my course, �Potty Training For Busy Parents�. After 30 days of using my system I want you to go to the mall for an afternoon of shopping with your bundle of joy for at least 4 hrs. If you have just 1 accident I want you to call us for an absolute no questions no hassle refund. It�s that simple. Basically�either your child is potty trained or the course costs you nothing.


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All of this can be yours when you get your copy of Potty Training for Busy Parents

P.S. Don�t forget Potty Training For Busy Parents gives you the skills to potty train your son or daughter.

P.P.S. Don�t forget. Just for giving Potty Training For Busy Parents a try you get 2 incredible bonuses. You get the free teleconference you can use to pick my brain as if I were looking over your shoulder. You get the Potty Training Questions & Answers Guide which has the questions asked by other parents just like you. (remember you cannot get this guide anywhere else period!).

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Success Story #1
Wow! 3 days and my 2� year old boy is going on the potty without me telling him and staying dry throughout the night!* Thank you, I followed the timer idea and it really helped keep me focused also! Please send my thanks to your wife! (results may vary)*
                                - Sincerely, Tara
Success Story #2
Do you have a 2 Yr Old? Teresa was the frustrated parent of a two year old that was trained in 3 days using my methods.*
I would like to share my story with you.

My daughter is 2. Before reading your book I was very discouraged.

Anyway, I purchased a little potty for my daughter when she was about a year and a half old. When I would use the restroom, she would sit on the potty (fully clothed)... she didn't not officially use the potty until she was 2....she would then use the potty sometimes, but not consistently....I figured she would learn to use the potty when she was "ready".

I thought to myself I really need to "buckle down" and potty train this girl. (especially after hearing, "is she potty trained yet" or " I can't believe she is still wearing diapers") there I was...knowing I had to potty train, but not really knowing how to do it (did I mention this is my first child) anyway I started searching the internet for "potty training" ideas...and there was your book....I figured what do I have to I purchased your book.
I didn't read it cover to cover, but I did read the chapters re: actual training..and I followed your advice.
It has been about two weeks since I started and my daughter has gone 3 days now with out an accident*.....she carries her sticker book w/ her and shows people who come to the house for a visit...(she is very proud of her sticker book)...
I just want you to know, your book worked...THANK YOU!!! My daughter loves wearing underwear, I let her pick out the pair she wants to wear (and she loves it) she is actually doing very well at night too (no accidents at all).....
She now tells us when she has to go....or she even takes it upon her self to go by herself.. :-) (although I will continue to give her attention as not to "regress")(results may vary)*
                    - Very satisfied customer,
                                          Teresa Olivo
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 * Please note your results may vary depending on your child, your consistency and your schedule�in some cases it may take longer than three days to potty train your child.