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How I Became The Potty Trainer

Why Your Child Isn't Potty Trained

Potty Training Myths

4 Stages Of Potty Training

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  • What steps you should take in each stage of potty training
  • The exact day we recommend you should start potty training your child
  • The exact words I use during potty training
  • What to do on the very first day (this may shock you)
  • Ways to handle stubborn children who refuse to cooperate
  • 2 things you can do to get your child over the fear of the toilet
  • How to mentally prepare yourself for potty training
  • A game you can play that teaches your child to tell you when they have to go potty.
  • Ways to make dads want to get involved so it’s less work on you
  • What to tell your daycare provider so they actually work with you and not against you
  • Three things your daycare provider can do to prevent your child from having accidents while at daycare
  • How to chart your child’s success
  • Helping your child recognize poop goes in the toilet
  • How to get your child to go number 2 if they are holding their poop.
  • How to handle family members and get the right support you need
  • A 10 minute exercise, I created, that relieves constipation.
  • What to do at nap times to prevent accidents
  • How food plays a role in potty training and what your child should or should not eat or drink
  • What does physics have to do with it...The one thing that can keep your child from becoming potty trained
  • What to do when you get frustrated and at your wits end
  • Knowing the signs when you are trying to hard and what you should do
  • How to create an environment so your child understands your expectations
  • Little things you can do that make potty training less stressful and more fun for your child
  • Understand positive or negative rewards. One works really well and the other is disastrous. The right one may shock you
  • How to motivate your child to go potty, (a strategy I stumbled upon accidentally)…I now use this technique for everything…even on my now 14 year old son
  • Boys vs. Girls. What’s the difference
  • The exact steps I recommend to train for number two. Note: very different from number one
  • The truth about early potty training and should you do it
  • Training pants or diapers (wait till you hear this one)
  • Standing up or sitting down and why (you’ll laugh at this one)



Success Story #1
I was a septic. I am a retired stay at home Dad with a 33 month old son.. I started the program on a Thursday It has been 11 days with only one accident.* He cried big time telling he was sorry. We have been shopping, the park etc. without incident. This was the best money spent as it also gave me the incentive to get it done.

You may use this for endorsement if you wish. In fact I hope you do as this shows Dads can do this to.(results may vary)* *
                                - Thanks, Al Maybury
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Success Story #2
I would like to share my story with you.

My daughter is 2. Before reading your book I was very discouraged.
I just want you to know, your book worked...THANK YOU!!! My daughter loves wearing underwear, I let her pick out the pair she wants to wear (and she loves it) she is actually doing very well at night too (no accidents at all).....
She now tells us when she has to go....or she even takes it upon her self to go by herself.. :-) (although I will continue to give her attention as not to "regress")*(results may vary)*
                    - Very satisfied customer,
                                          Teresa Olivo
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