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I know you are asking, Johanne what 4 stages are you talking about?  Great question.  In my readings, I learned there are 4 stages to any behavior modification. I applied them to potty training and it made total sense. Let me break them down for you.

Stage 1
I have no idea there is a problem.  Your child has used the bathroom in their diaper for the last 2 or 3 years.  In their mind they are completely content.  I mean wouldn't you be?  But now they hit a certain age and the diaper is no longer the right place to use the potty.  The problem is they don't know they are doing something wrong.  Only you know. So in this stage your goal is getting them to recognize they are doing something wrong
Stage 2
I know there's a problem but I don't know what to do. This is an important state. Usually this is where you recognize the so called signs of readiness. In this stage your child starts to recognize that going in the diaper is not the right thing to do.
The problem is your child does not know what is the right thing to do. Remember potty training is a learned behavior. In this stage you teach the right behaviors.

Sometimes in this stage you may see a look of shame or guilt on your child's face. They know they did something that mommy or daddy did not like, but they simply don't know what to do about it. In this stage your child is frustrated.
Stage 3
I know where to potty, but not a pro yet. In this stage your child will exhibit 2 behaviors. 1st one is they use the potty with no problems. Every once in a while they have an accident in their underwear. Second, they may not have any accidents. But they don't tell you when they have to go potty. They only go if you ask them too.

Think of this stage like the first time you learned to drive. Sure you knew where the brakes and gas pedal were, but you had to think about it. Sometimes you forgot to put on your seatbelt or use your turn signal. It's no different for your child.

Your goal in this stage is to help them perfect their new found skill.

Stage 4
I got this Mommy and Daddy. I'm a big kid now. In this stage your child doesn't even need your guidance. When they have to go potty, they get up and go on their own. They tell you when they have to go potty. Some kids take a little longer to reach stage 4 in as little as a few days after learning potty training. Some kids take a little longer.

Each stage is very different from the other. The steps you take in stage 1 is different from the steps you take in stage 2. Your child has different needs from one stage to the next. In Potty Training Made Simple Easy & Fast, we explain what you should do in each stage

Now let me tell you something else very important here. Don't try to train for bedwetting while you are potty training. Bedwetting is a totally different story. You have to pick your battles. Right now you have to focus on potty training during the waking hours. So even after finishing stage 4, your child may still wet the bed at night and during naps. Most parents confuse bedwetting with potty training. These are two separate things that should be done differently.


Success Story #1
I was a septic. I am a retired stay at home Dad with a 33 month old son.. I started the program on a Thursday It has been 11 days with only one accident.* He cried big time telling he was sorry. We have been shopping, the park etc. without incident. This was the best money spent as it also gave me the incentive to get it done.

You may use this for endorsement if you wish. In fact I hope you do as this shows Dads can do this to.(results may vary)* *
                                - Thanks, Al Maybury
Success Story #2
I would like to share my story with you.

My daughter is 2. Before reading your book I was very discouraged.
I just want you to know, your book worked...THANK YOU!!! My daughter loves wearing underwear, I let her pick out the pair she wants to wear (and she loves it) she is actually doing very well at night too (no accidents at all).....
She now tells us when she has to go....or she even takes it upon her self to go by herself.. :-) (although I will continue to give her attention as not to "regress")*(results may vary)* *
                    - Very satisfied customer,
                                          Teresa Olivo
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