Lesson 1 of 5 - April 20, 2024

In today's lesson, I am covering what I believe to be the biggest mistake a parent can make when it comes to potty training: waiting too long.

Some people believe they should wait to start potty training until the child tells them or gives signs of readiness.

Most psychologists and members of the medical field come from this school of thought. Remember, these are the same people that believe you should never say no to a child. As a parent, you know how unrealistic that is.

There is a specific day you should begin potty training, which I reveal on page 32 of my book, "Potty Training Made Easy, Simple & Fast." If you have not gotten your copy yet make sure you click on this link and get it today.

You don't have to force the child to use the potty when they are not physically ready. In the book we discuss the sphincter muscles and what roles they play in your child's ability to use the potty. Even though they might not immediately start using it, it is perfectly okay to introduce the potty early so your child gets used to it.

If you are making an early introduction to the potty, however, remember to not force your child to go. This could backfire. You can get a few techniques on how to properly do this in the book.

Things are no different for you than they are for your child. Think of the last time you decided to do something new. Did you wait until you knew how to do this activity already, or did you get started and learn as you went along?

I would think you got started and learned as you went along.

Think about this: by the time your child tells you they want to go potty, they are already potty trained. Why would they want you to potty train them at this point? They already know how.

Now, I am not a psychologist so I can't give you all the psychological positives or negatives for waiting. I am, however, a parent of three and I can give you the financial benefits of having a fully potty trained child. Between diapers and clothes I've thrown away, I would say the monthly cost of not being potty trained is $150. So this is how much you'd save each and every month by having your child potty trained as early as possible and not waiting.

Tomorrow's topic will be: "Not realizing just how smart your kids really are."

Hi my name is Stacey C*****o, I downloaded your book a few months ago. I kept putting it off , potty training my daughter. She is now 3 1/2. I finally said THIS IS IT!!!!! I started one day using your 20 minute timer method. I started the middle of July. Let me tell you, in "3" days she was telling me she had to go. Your book rocks!!!!!! I have a 10 month old as well, and I will sure use your book again!!!! I had some pull ups (maybe 8 ) left. I am out of them now. She has not had an accident at night in 2 1/2 weeks!!!! Thank you sooooooooooooooo much!!!

I highly reccomend getting this book to anyone who is having trouble potty training or just does not know how to go about it!!!!

Stacey C

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