Lesson 5 of 5 - April 20, 2024

In today's lesson, I am going to cover regressions and what they really are.

A regression is what happens when a child who is already fully potty trained does an about-face and begins to have accidents constantly.

I can't cover it too much here as all of chapter 13 in "Potty Training Made Easy, Simple & Fast" is dedicated solely to regression.

It is important that you understand this phenomena as it can and will happen to your son or daughter unless you know how to spot it. As a matter of fact, most children go through some level of regression.

The key is understanding what sets off regression in a child and knowing how to avoid it or spot it early before it becomes a problem.

Most parents mistake accidents with regression. An accident is just that: an accident. A regression, however, is an accident that does not go away, and keeps happening over and over. Actually, most regressions are really not accidents at all. The child does it on purpose.

When the parent does not deal with the first few accidents, full-blown regressions set in.

The question is, what happens during a period of regression? Does the child forget everything they've learned about potty training?

The answer is no. In most cases, regression is the child's way of acting out their feelings or emotions. For a list of situations and triggers that cause a regression, refer to page 65 of "Potty Training Made Easy, Simple & Fast."

Avoiding the situations that trigger regression will prevent a regression from occurring. As a parent, regressions are probably the most frustrating part in potty training.

Just think about it. You devote the time and energy to get your son or daughter potty trained. You breathe a sigh of relief as your child is finally potty trained. Now you can finally start relaxing. Then, bam! The rug is swept from under you. Your child is right back to square one and starts to do potty in their pants.

Make sure you read chapter 13 so this scenario doesn't happen to you.

It is very important that you understand the difference between an accident and a regression.

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