Introducing: Potty Training Made Simple, Easy, & Fast

Introducing: Potty Training Made Simple, Easy, & Fast

"Learn The Exact Same Potty Training Secrets I Personally Used To Help 423 Children Be Diaper FREE In As Little As 3 Short Days"

"Learn The Exact  Potty Training Secrets I Used To Get 423 Children Diaper FREE In As Little As 3 Short Days" As A PreSchool Teacher

"We have tried every positive method to training that we could think of. Until we found your method, she was very resistant to even trying to use her potty. Since day TWO, she has been dry all day long, even during naps. . Thank you again for such a simple, yet effective approach to potty training! "

Debra C, Bowling Green, KY

New Book For Frustrated Parents Who Want To Put An End To The Diaper Night Mares Once And For All

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If you've been in the trenches of potty training and you feel like;

...Your attempts at potty training feel like they're going nowhere, no matter how many methods you try...
...Your strategies feel outdated, ineffective, and ignored, regardless of how much advice you've sought or tips you've tested...
...Your patience is stretched thin, and every potty training session ends in frustration for both you and your child...
...You find yourself making excuses to avoid addressing potty training, or you dread the thought of dealing with accidents or setbacks...
...Or maybe this is your first time attempting to potty train your child and you just are not sure what you should do first...

…I have something new, refreshing, and quite frankly, revolutionary for your potty training journey.

I'm going to introduce you to a simpler, more direct, and foolproof system for achieving potty training success...

...By revealing a method that treats potty training not just as a milestone but as a natural, enjoyable part of your child's development!

No need for special tricks, nor does it matter if you started early or starting late.

After more than 24 years of personal hands-on experience as a preschool teacher, I've perfected a straightforward approach inspired by the need to make my life easier in a class full of toddlers...

...And I've been quietly transforming the potty training process for parents just like you, who went from feeling defeated and envious of others' success...

...To confidently guiding their child to potty independence, celebrating freedom from diapers in as little as 3 days.

For the first time ever, I'm pulling back the curtain on this game-changing method in my new book called, "Potty Training Made Easy, Simple, and Fast"...

In this book I am going to reveal the exact secrets I used to personally potty train over 423 toddlers and now has me know world wide as "The Potty Trainer".

This book is just $4.95, available for instant download, and I’m throwing in 7 incredible FREE BONUSES just for you to give it a try and see the difference.

Plus, if for any reason it doesn't transform your potty training experience, I’ll refund your money, and you can keep the book as my gift to you, just for giving it a shot.

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Plus you get 7 Additional BONUSES for FREE

Get Your Copy Today For Just $4.95!

Plus you get 7 Additional BONUSES for FREE


Backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. You'll love the book or we'll give you your money back AND let you keep your copy.

" I can proudly say that this method worked for him in less than 3 days"

Mellissa M.

"By day 2 my son was jumping up and going to the potty on his own This method works just be patient and positive."


"Incredible results in just one day with my 3-year-old. This method is a lifesaver for potty training challenges."

Amy P.

"My 2 ½-year-old was potty trained in three days, staying dry all night. Quick and effective!"


If you are are a mom/dad beginning the potty training process for the first time and just looking for some helpful tips, or you been at this for a while, you're frustrated, you're at your wits end and you would like to

Save up to $100/month by not having to buy expensive diapers
Finally be able to shop in peace an not have to lug a heavy diaper bag
Help your child build their confidence
Get your child ready for daycare, camp or kindergarten
Send your child on a sleepover and don't get embarrassed by accidents
Be able to use a public restroom and not look for a changing table
Never feel embarrassed from the stench of a garbage can full of stinky diapers in your house again
Say good bye to diapers forever

Then this may be the most important letter you ever read.

Instead of continuing to struggle with potty training your toddler and not knowing where to start, resulting in messy accidents, tears of frustration, and the mounting costs of diapers...

Starting today you can have access to a proven easy-to-follow potty training system that will allow you to successfully potty train your child in just 3 short days. Finally you’ll be able to kiss smelly, expensive diapers goodbye and instead feel proud as your child gains confidence using the potty. This is only possible if you read this important letter today and take action on the steps revealed inside.

First, the bad news:

Even though millions of moms will try to potty train their kids this year on their own, very few will succeed without help.

The truly lucky ones will put an end to the daily diaper duty, and save hundreds of dollars a year

But nearly everyone else will continue struggling with potty training their child.

A recent survey of moms found that the #1 reason they often struggle with potty training is because everyone has an opinion but no proven plan. Friends and family give conflicting advice about when to start and what techniques work, leaving moms overwhelmed and your child confused.

This is supported by research as well. For example, a Johns Hopkins University study found that when moms try different potty training techniques in a disorganized manner, over 60% of kids regress back into diapers or struggle with consistent toilet habits even years later.

Maybe it’s even happened to you already. You start to potty train your toddler, but you end up with lots of accidents and tears instead.

Or perhaps you try using some bribe as a reward, but only end up with a fussy child who throws tantrums.

You end up overwhelmed, exhausted, and even uttering the words “I give up” under your breath. And sometimes it feels like no matter what you try, you’re just never going to potty train your child.

Listen, if you’ve ever felt like this, let me just reassure you that you’re not the only one. And let me also tell you that it’s not your fault if you’ve tried potty training before and failed.

You see, the reason why you continue struggling with messy accidents and have to deal with the mounting pile of diapers every day is because so-called “potty experts” preach bad ideas. They tell you to start potty training when your child show “readiness signs” or to just casually put them on the potty sometimes.

I mean think about it - children develop at different paces so waiting for your child to tell you he/she is ready is like waiting for your child to say "Mommy I want to learn algebra". And occasionally putting them on the potty does nothing to teach consistent toilet habits. So those approaches can only work if you’re extremely lucky.

And that’s why this letter may be the most important message you receive all year. Consider it carefully. Read it more than once. Then you decide if this is what moms everywhere are calling a game-changing potty training breakthrough.

"The Fix For Potty Training Frustration"

I’m Johanne Cesar. I am a preschool teacher with over 24 years experience. I have personally changed over 50,000 diapers in that time. I have also personally potty trained over 423 kids myself and helped them be diaper free in as little as 3 short days. My classroom has a waiting list of parents who want their toddler in my class. I have also helped over 100,000 parents through my teachings to help their kids ditch their diapers forever. My courses have hundreds of positive reviews. I am now known world wide as the potty trainer. Some have even called me the potty whisperer.

So I am not someone who's studied kids in a lab or read a couple books and now trying to tell you how to potty train your child. I’ve been in the real trenches and helping moms overcome potty training struggles for over two decades.

Just a few of my many case studies are revealed below.

Today I’d like to share with you the most concise and to-the-point blueprint for moms struggling with potty training I’ve ever used.

One that...

Helps You Potty Train Your Toddler In Just 3 Short Days

You see, I recently looked at hundreds of toddlers whom I've helped to be diaper free.

I studied what worked...what didn't work...and more importantly what got them diaper free the fastest.

The result astonished me...and here's why:

After pouring through all my notes, I discovered that the old-fashioned idea of waiting for "readiness" is a myth. I found that parents that waited for signs of readiness dealt with potty training for 4-6 weeks longer on average compared to other parents.

If Waiting For "Readiness" Actually Worked, We'd All Be Diaper-Free By Now...

We've all fallen for that popular myth - just wait for the mystical signs they're ready to train, and it'll be smooth sailing! If only the potty fairy magically made this easy for us all. *cue exaggerated eye roll*

I figured this out when I waited...and waited...and waited some more for my first son’s magic "ready" moment.

The books said I'd just know when he was prepared to ditch diapers. So I got up early one hopeful morning, eager to capture his readiness on camera.

Yeah...after 45 minutes of him staring blankly instead while happily going potty in his diaper, I was fresh out of ideas. No magical moment in sight.

It's no wonder waiting on the elusive "ready signs" leaves most of us stuck changing diaper after diaper. While the lucky few seem to easily train their tots, the rest of us are still waiting on a potty fairy that never comes.

But what if there was a better way - one that lines up with how toddlers' minds actually work to lock in success fast? Keep reading for the secret...

Potty Train Without Waiting, Stress, Bad Advice, Or False Promises

Most moms refuse to constantly monitor signs or pressure their toddler in order to potty train fast...and that makes sense.

That’s why what I’m about to reveal doesn’t rely on waiting for readiness, using books with no real help, following videos, asking overwhelmed friends/family, trying celebrity nannies or falling for one-day miracle cures.

You see, the problem with waiting for readiness is every child develops differently. Researchers at the University of Michigan found when you wait for arbitrary milestones, kids actually resist training even more. They conclude tailoring the training to the child is key.

So instead of demanding they use the potty, you instead focus on consistency through learning tools and positive reinforcement.

This will give you better results because a John Hopkins study of over 2,500 parents found a short, positive reinforcement based approach boosts potty skills by 71% without pressure or tears. Kids feel in control so they fully engage.

This way, when you use my "3 Day Potty Power" method you smile with pride as your toddler ditches diapers rather than deal with stress, headaches and messy accidents.

So rather than continued potty training frustration, you can successfully ditch diapers with greater ease.

Introducing "Potty Training Made Simple, Easy, & Fast"

The potty training solution for frustrated moms that makes saying goodbye to diapers stress-free, easy and fast without tears or accidents...without false promises... and without the hassle!

Now you too can easily potty train your toddler without pressure or battles...without chasing arbitrary milestones... and without coordinating daycare and family members!

It seems a little hard to believe, doesn’t it? After all, you’ve tried to potty train before, but you’re not really any better off. So it feels like too much to hope for to believe that this program really could be the solution to saying goodbye to diapers for good.

But this is unlike any you’ve ever tried before. That’s because now there's no waiting for "readiness," no false hope from friends and family, and no one-day miracles that leave you disappointed... all that hard work is history.

The "Potty Training Easy Switch"?

"Potty Training Made Simple, Easy, & Fast" was designed to make diaper-free success all but certain. That’s why so many moms are calling it the “Easy Switch”.

But let me be clear: success is not a magic pill. Potty training success is the result of the right action, with the right knowledge at the right time.

"Potty Training Made Simple, Easy, & Fast" works so well and so quickly because it comes with...

1. A clear roadmap that highlights practical steps for each stage of potty training, ensuring you know exactly what to do and when to do it.

...So rather than feel overwhelmed by the potty training process... you get step-by-step guidance tailored to your child's needs for confidence and clarity.

2. Surprising and innovative methods that make the first day of potty training easy and even enjoyable for stubborn children.

...So instead of dreading the inevitable battles of wills and get unique techniques that turn fear into fun through games and communication.

3. Strategies for getting enthusiastic involvement from Dad and easy coordination with daycare providers for consistency.

...So rather than feel like you’re tackling training alone without get a united family front and alignment with caregivers that sets your child up for potty success.

And much more!

"Potty Training Made Simple, Easy, & Fast" Delivers Results Even If...

You have a strong-willed child who resists change ... this program meets them where they are and gently guides them into cooperation step-by-step.
You’ve tried sticker charts and candy bribes without success ... this program tosses manipulative tactics in favor of an understanding, game-based approach kids love.
You worry you’ll do something “wrong” and set potty training back even further... this program gives you a detailed roadmap to follow with total confidence.
You don't have time for a complicated program... this streamlined system fits into even the busiest schedule in just minutes a day.
Your child seems afraid of the toilet... this program features unique techniques to turn fear into fun.
You've failed at potty training before... begin with a clean slate using this proven approach.
You feel like you've tried everything already... this innovative method works unlike anything you have yet.
You struggle with consistency across ensure alignment between parents, daycare, etc.
Your child won't sit still long enough... interactive games keep them engaged.
And even if you think you’ve tried everything!

These sound like bold claims. But I’ve used these strategies to successfully potty train over 423 children in just 3 days. I’ve shared these same strategies with countless overwhelmed moms like yourself so that they could say goodbye to diapers for good. And I know these little-known potty training secrets will work wonders for your family too.

Potty Training Made Simple, Easy, & Fast is changing lives...

Take Amy P From Lake Porter TX. Only took 48 hours for her daughter to say I got to go potty:

Hi. My name is Amy, and I live in Lake Dallas, TX.  I recently purchased Johanne's book. It's the best investment I've made. I began implementing her potty training guidelines this past Thursday May 25th. Within 24hrs of doing this, my 3yr old daughter showed remarkable progress. She was going to the potty in the potty. Within about 48hrs she was verbally telling us that she had to go. Today, less than one week from beginning the training, she is going both number 1 and number 2 on the potty. But she is doing this on her own. And she's doing this without us having to ask her to go or to remind her to go. So in less than one week, you can have a potty trained child.

Then there’s Tara: She did in only 3 days:

Wow! 3 days and my 2 1/2 year old boy is going on the potty without me telling him and staying dry throughout the night! Thank you, I followed the timer idea and it really helped keep me focused also! Please send my thanks to your wife! * Sincerely, Tara

How about Teresa O: Her daughter was 2 years old

I'm Teresa Olivo, and I want to share my successful experience with potty training my first child, who was 2 years old. After feeling discouraged and unsure, I found a helpful potty training book online. Following its guidance, my daughter quickly progressed, and within two weeks, she was consistently using the potty, proudly showing off her sticker book, and choosing her own underwear. She's even doing great at night with no accidents. This book was a game-changer for us, and I'm incredibly grateful for the positive impact it had on our potty training journey.

Ronnies # year old son is sleeping through the night without accidents

Well for starters I would just like to say thank you so much. My son is 3 and we thought we had tried everything. I bought your book and in one week my son is potty trained. He only had 2 accidents the whole week. We are on week 2 now and he is also sleeping in underwear waking up dry for 4 consecutive nights. I am thrilled and so is he.*
Thank-You again

Ask Amy: Its not to late if you have an older child

I'm Amy Mescher, and I need a new link to the potty training book I downloaded, as it was accidentally deleted by my husband. The book's techniques have been a great success for my stubborn 4-year-old daughter, who's now had four consecutive dry nights. I'm also looking forward to using these methods for pre-potty training my nearly 2-year-old son.

Cassie is a Day Care provider and even she loves my method

My name is Cassie and I'm a child care provider for children 18 months- 3 years old. In our center the children can move to preschool when they are 3 and if they are potty trained. I've become frustrated by the lack of interest in getting the children potty trained.

I've also given out your web site as a resource for them. I have articles that I give them, but they really don't help. Thanks for taking the time to put something that we all needed information about. *

Why do old customers keep coming back. Ask Lisa S

purchased/downloaded your book last spring. Last summer, I lost my computer and everything on it. Is it possible for me to get another download? My daughter, who was my target at the time, is now potty trained but I have a son I have to work on now.*

Thank you-
Lisa Shock

Don’t let number 2 block you up

I have to tell you that since you replied to my email, my son has really caught on to going poop on the potty. Thank you so much. It was truly amazing how after I followed your instructions, he started catching on in only 1 day! Today, he told me twice that he had to go poop! I was so excited! Thanks again for your help with this milestone!*

Kristin Sands

Whaaaaat?: You mean dads can help too?

I'm David, and I'm reaching out because I need a bit of help. A while back, I bought this potty training book online for my kids, but it got accidentally deleted from my computer. As a dad, it's been a game-changer for my 4-year-old daughter who was really struggling with potty training. She's actually had four dry nights in a row now, which is huge for us. I'm also starting to use these techniques with my almost 2-year-old son, and I'm hopeful we'll see great results with him too.

Ask Stacy if this works when camp or school is starting soon

I'm Stacey Lloyd from Newtown, CT. I faced a potty training crisis with my 3-year-old son when he was expelled from preschool for not being trained. In desperation, I turned to your book and followed it over a three-day weekend. Astonishingly, he mastered potty training in just 18 hours, with minimal accidents. On that Tuesday, we proudly walked into the classroom and he showed his teachers what he could do. This was a huge turnaround for my son, who had shown no previous interest in using the potty. Your method worked wonders, and I've been recommending your book ever since. Thank you for your invaluable help!

Kristan S did not let poop clog her toilet

I have to tell you that since you replied to my email, my son has really caught on to going poop on the potty. Thank you so much. It was truly amazing how after I followed your instructions, he started catching on in only 1 day! Today, he told me twice that he had to go poop! I was so excited! Thanks again for your help with this milestone!*

Jen found found a way to tackle that regression

I'm grateful for your online book on potty training. After reading it, I feel ready to tackle my 3-year-old daughter's regression since our move from the US to Norway. Your practical experience really resonates with me, especially as I've worked in daycare but never with potty training. I wish I had this resource earlier, but I'm glad to have it now and will surely recommend it to my friends in both the States and Norway. It's so helpful to have such guidance accessible online immediately.

Now, it’s your turn to experience similar transformations.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you are going to learn when you order "Potty Training Made Simple, Easy, & Fast” Now!

The exact steps you need to take day one that sets the tone for your entire potty training journey – this approach can turn a daunting task into a smooth experience.
The little-known psychological trigger that practically guarantees your child will start using the potty quickly and consistently
Why this one simple daily activity is the secret key to getting even the most stubborn child potty trained fast
Discover the "potty window" - the exact right age every child can be successfully potty trained (miss this and you're in for a struggle)
The astonishing truth about rewards when potty training…which types truly motivate your child, and which ones don’t. (get this wrong and you can cause extended regression)
The astonishingly simple "poop challenge" that makes it impossible for your child to hold number two.
The exact diaper mistake nearly all parents make that backfires and delays training
The easy 2-minute exercise that turns constipation woes into a thing of the past.
Unlock simple secrets that get dads and family onboard so everyone works together (instead of sending confusing mixed signals)
Learn insider tips to get the perfect potty seat right from the start - avoid losing money on upgrades later!
Little-known tricks that make potty training fun - and have your toddler excited to learn!
How to introduce the potty in a way that captivates your child’s curiosity - without overwhelming them - and the one game that guarantees they'll want to keep using it…
The untold truth about potty training regression - the underlying reasons your child might be struggling – and the mindset shift that turns setback into progress.
The pivotal role of food in potty training success - what to include and avoid - and the surprising foods that make a difference…
The art of transitioning from diapers to underwear - the milestone that signifies readiness - and the celebration technique that solidifies the achievement…
Why understanding what stage of potty training your child is in is key to potty training success - and how this knowledge makes the process smoother for everyone involved…
Discover the pivotal shift that turns potty training from a guessing game into a surefire success – and how this one adjustment can make your child the envy of every daycare.
Uncover the exact affirmations that, when whispered at just the right moment, transform your toddler's potty time from dread to delight – they'll be asking you when it's potty time.
The I Gotta Go Potty Game – an engaging play technique that turns "I don't need to go" into "Mommy, it's potty time!" without the chase.
The exact words for your daycare provider that makes them an ally in your potty mission, not an obstacle.
The secret to dissolving your child's fear of the toilet – turning bathroom trips into enjoyable adventures – and watch their confidence soar.
Discover the mental preparation exercise that aligns both you and your child for potty training success – it’s about getting in the right mindset from the start.
The exact tool to track your child’s potty achievements in a way that boosts their motivation – while giving you a clear picture of their progress.
The truth about early potty training – and learn whether it is real or if it’s just a crazy conspiracy theory
The truth between training pants or underwear – an unexpected revelation that could alter your entire potty training strategy.
The solution to sit or stand during potty training – the answer is not only surprising but incredibly effective.
And much much more

Ok, Johanne, How Much Will It Cost For You To Be My Potty Training Partner And Help Me Child Become Diaper Free With Your Expert Advice

You've seen those other potty training programs or solutions that cost $336 or even two, three times that amount. And so you're probably thinking that you're going to have to invest at least $289 in order to get Potty Training Made Simple, Easy, & Fast for yourself.

Tell you what, it's worth twice the price as those other potty training alternatives. Why? Let me remind you: Potty Training Made Simple, Easy, & Fast is the premier potty training solution for frustrated moms everywhere that makes saying goodbye to diapers stress-free, easy and fast without tears or accidents.

And if I'm being totally honest, it's really the only solution. You've seen just a handful of the testimonials. You're about to see the over-the-top value-added bonuses I have for you today.

But you don't have to pay $336. You don't have to pay $289. You don't even have to invest half that!

Because if you act now, your total investment is just $4.95. That's a real-world savings of over $620 or 96% off retail price!

You know this is a good deal. If you resort to inconsistent bribery or randomly putting them on the potty now and then you'd be dealing with more tears, tantrums, confusion and messy accidents daily. Paying a potty training expert privately costs over $125 per session. Relying on generic one-size-fits all advice leaves you stuck and pulling out your hair.

Isn't finally saying goodbye to diapers and struggles worth at least $4.95 to you? Of course it is. Let alone stress-free and easy potty training success! And that's why you need to take advantage of this deal before the introductory pricing disappears.

That Fence Is Getting Uncomfortable

If you're still not convinced that this is the absolute best way to effortlessly potty train your toddler, then let me sweeten the pot...

Get Your Copy Right Now For Just $4.95 And
Get All 7 Of These Bonuses For FREE!

..And for a very limited time when you order your copy of The "Potty Training Made Simple, Easy, & Fast™ book for just $4.95, you also get the following seven free bonuses:

Act Today And You’ll Also Receive...

Bonus #1

Potty Training FAQ Guide:

How to Cut Through the Confusion of Potty Training with Proven Answers

Let's face it - potty training has a lot of twists and turns. And no parent wants to feel confused about the next steps or even if they're doing things "right." Especially with a stubborn toddler!

That frustration is exactly why I created this comprehensive FAQ guide. Think of it as your personal expert, always there when questions pop up during the potty training process so you don't have to second guess.

In the guide you'll find super simple advice for:

- Knowing the best age to start training
- Making overnight dryness happen successfully
- Getting your reluctant child to embrace, not resist, the potty

With my complete FAQ Guide in hand, combined with the easy 3-day training blueprint, you WILL reach the prized diaper-free finish line. Straightforward answers reduce stress so the whole process feels like smooth sailing!

Ditch the diaper duty madness for good with total confidence - this indispensable FAQ Guide makes it possible.

$37 Value

Bonus #2

Potty Time Coloring Book For Kids

How to Make Potty Training a Colorful Adventure Your Child Adores

Make Potty Training Fun with Our "Potty Time" Coloring Adventure

Potty training got your little one's face looking a little green? Seeing that dreaded colorful potty sends them running the other direction?

I get it. When they're not feeling it, even you start dreading the battle. But what if using the potty became their favorite adventure instead?

That's why I created the magical "Potty Time" Coloring Book. Think of it like sneaking veggies into brownies – they'll be having so much fun they won't even realize it's helping them learn!

Packed with 30+ playful potty training scenes, this book transforms yucky into yippee! As they color, they'll practice recognizing potties, using toilet paper, hand washing and more.

It's not a regular coloring book – it's a joyful toy that engages their playful spirit, turning practice into giggling fun. Before you know it, they'll look forward to showing off their colorful creations and can't wait to use the potty for more!

Learning acceleration made easy with some coloring cleverness? Now that's using the potty power of playtime!

$17 Value

Bonus #3

Potty Time w/ Timmy & Tammy The Tiger

A Fun Story Book Your Child Will Love Following Timmy And Tammy As They Learn Potty Training. 

Join Timmy & Tammy's Potty Training Adventure for Inspiration

Is your little tiger terrified of using their new potty, roaring in defiance? Do they need some powerful peer persuasion to give toilet training a shot?

Look no further than the inspiring journey of Timmy & Tammy Tiger for the nudge they need. As curious cubs, this dynamic duo was hesitant about abandoning their comfortable diapers too.

But when they see how Timmy bravely tried the potty and felt so proud? And how Tammy gained enough confidence to wave bye-bye to her diaper for good?

Suddenly, potties don't seem too scary after all...maybe they CAN be big kid tigers too!

Beautiful pictures tell the twins' tale each step of the way. Your toddler learns right alongside them as the tigers progress from anxious to absolute potty excitement.

It's not just a cute book - it's a game-changing tool for motivation. When kiddos see how Timmy & Tammy took the plunge, said no more to diapers, and never looked back?

They'll likely beg YOU to read this magical potty story again as they connect with the twin tigers working to ditch diapers. And maybe, just maybe, want to copy their new stripey heroes. Roar!

$27 Value

Bonus #4

Toddler Talk: The Secret To Talking To Your Toddler

How to Easily Communicate With Your Toddler And Make Sure They Understand Every Word

Do conversations with your strong-willed toddler sometimes leave you beyond frustrated? You are talking but it seems like they are not hearing you?

You're not alone. Talking to your toddler doe not have to feel hopeless! .

And what if understanding their world better could lead to more listening and less tantruming?

In "Toddler Talk" that's exactly what you'll discover. Think of it like a decoder ring for the toddler mind.

You'll learn what makes their brains tick differently than ours and how to speak their language. I'll share phrases that appeal vs confuse so they positively respond.

For example, you'll learn a reframe so they gladly comply with directions.

The result? Words that suddenly resonate without meltdowns. More pride in listening leads to less pushback over time.

These words won't just help with potty training but become long-term parenting tools. Because when toddlers feel deeply understood, cooperation follows and so does the bond between you and your child

Say goodbye to frustration and melt downs. This decoder ring brings you closer to the little one you love!

$47 Value

Bonus #5

Potty Pause: Adult Coloring Book

How to Find Your Calm in the Potty Training Chaos

Potty Training Burnout? Enjoy This "Potty Pause" Coloring Break

The stress of potty training can leave you feeling a little drained. 

As a fellow wiped-out parent, I feel you. You need to recharge and get your engergy and sanity back.

That's why I create "Potty Pause" And adult coloring book for parents going through potty training

Created just for parents in the potty trenches, "Potty Pause" lets you do exactly that. Consider it your time out for recharging.

Each page offers elaborate designs to get lost coloring in. As you creatively fill spaces with color, you'll discover tensions fading. Before you know it, you've created a mini mindful escape from potty training pressures.

It's not just an adult coloring book - it's a proven way to self-soothe and return calmer to handle the joys and challenges of potty training again.

Don't underestimate the restorative power of taking purposeful pauses. Let this simple coloring ritual renew patience so you can support your little one with energy revived.

Because staying resilient means going the distance together. And breaking out the crayons is self-care that works wonders!

$27 Value

Bonus #6

The Playful Potty: A Fun Activity Book

How to Turn Potty Training Into a World of Fun and Games

Engage Kids in Potty Training With "The Playful Potty" and make potty training fun.

Is your little one resisting potty training attempts? Struggling to hold their attention long enough to teach important potty skills?

The "Playful Potty" activity book transforms potty training into an entertaining and educational adventure they'll love.

This guide is packed with fun activities that help make potty training more fun engaging for your child.

These colorful pages will capture your child's attention while subtly building confidence around using the potty.

It's not just about passing the time - the games and activities directly target and address potty training milestones while entertaining your child.

Turn potty training frustration into family fun! "The Playful Potty" makes necessary practice feel like exciting playtime, ensuring a more successful and stress-free experience for all.

$37 Value

Bonus #7

The Happy Child Blueprint: A Parent's Guide to Happy Confident Children

How to Raise Happy Confident Kids

Want to build up your child's emotional resilience? Encourage positive behaviors? Foster a deep sense of confidence within?

As parents, we all share the same goal - to raise joyful, mentally-strong children glowing from the inside out.

That's exactly what "The Happy Child Blueprint" helps you do through simple yet powerful parenting techniques. Consider it your handbook for nurturing happy children.

Inside, you'll discover everyday strategies to:

- Promote genuine self-esteem
- Create a home environment where kids thrive
- Teach core coping skills in emotional intelligence
- Guide behavior through validation not anger
- Support them in building rock-solid inner resilience

This isn't just another general parenting book. These are hard-earned techniques forged in the messy trenches of raising little ones!

Focus goes beyond short-term behaviors to long-term emotional health so they blossom into internally-fulfilled adults.

Equip yourself with proven confidence-boosting tools so your precious kiddos shine bright now and always!

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A digital copy of The "Potty Training Made Simple, Easy & Fast"™ book
The Potty Training FAQ Guide
The Potty Time Coloring Book
The Potty Time with Timmy & Tammy The Tiger Story Book
The Toddler Talk Guide
The Potty Pause: Adult Coloring Book
The Playful Potty Fun Activity Guide
The Happy Child Blueprint Guide

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I'll make this real simple... The "Potty Training Made Simple, Easy, & Fast™ book will show you everything I said on this page, and more...

My guarantee is simple. I want you to purchase the course completely at my risk. Read through my course, "Potty Training Made Fast, Easy, Simple". After 30 days of using my system I want you to go to the mall for an afternoon of shopping with your bundle of joy for at least 4 hrs. If you have just 1 accident I want you to call us for an absolute no questions no hassle refund. 

And, not only will we refund your purchase, BUT I'll also let you keep the book as a gift just for giving it a try!

It's that simple. Basically...either your child is potty trained or the course costs you nothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my toddler is really "ready" to start potty training?

Great question! Readiness isn't necessary with our step-by-step system tailored to your child's personality and development stage. We'll guide you every step of the way for success.

What if my strong-willed child just refuses to potty train?

Our guide is designed for even the most stubborn child! We use positive reinforcement and fun activities that flip resistance into engagement to ditch diapers together.

I've failed at potty training before - will this actually work for me?

Absolutely. Countless previously defeated moms achieved victory with this guide. Our tactics are completely different than mainstream advice, using games and gentle encouragement your child responds to wonderfully. Start with confidence.

I don't have a ton of extra time - is this program realistic for busy moms?

completely understand, as a teacher of 24 years, I've seen how busy life as a mom is. That's why we narrow in on what works best for even the most rambunctious tots, so we maximize all that precious time together. It requires consistency more than pure time - you'll fit the proven techniques into your existing routines simply.

How quickly can I be diaper free using this method?

While each child's timing differs, our 3-day system transitions the majority of little ones out of diapers extremely fast. Some see big progress on day 1! Stay consistent with our roadmap and celebrate diaper freedom!

What if we regress and have more accidents?

No worries! Our guide prepares you for handling setbacks like accidents or resistance gently while getting quickly back on track toward the end goal - no more diapers! We give you a plan for addressing hurdles at every turn.

Will this approach help with nighttime potty training too?

Our focus is achieving fast daytime success right now. But once diapers are ditched, I guide you on gently setting the foundation for a smoother nighttime transition down the road too. My classroom expertise makes the path clearer. Rest easy knowing all aspects are covered!

How is this different than all the other potty training programs out there?

After changing over 50k dirty diapers across hundreds of toddlers, I've zeroed in on the unique techniques that simply click for young kids. While research has its place, I skip the theories and break the process into realistic action steps featuring the exact learning modalities little ones respond to beautifully on their way to diaper freedom!

If this doesn't work, can I get my money back?

Absolutely! Thanks to our 30-day money back guarantee, this program is completely risk-free. If you don't have an accident-free afternoon at the mall after applying the 3-day method, just contact us for a full refund, no questions asked!

I could really use some support throughout this process - do you provide any extras I can use?

We certainly do! Our bonuses like the handy FAQ Guide put expert advice at your fingertips.  Plus you have 24/7 email support.

P.S.: The next move is up to you...

The book is only $4.95, it comes with seven (7) killer bonuses you can NOT find anywhere else, and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don't like what you see.

You owe it to yourself to at least check this out.

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You'll receive The "Potty Training Made Simple, Easy, & Fast™ digital e-book and all the bonuses listed above, within 2-5 minutes of ordering.

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